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Start A Home Health Care Business

Start a Home Health Care Business

What Makes Certified Homecare Consulting Different From Other Home Care Consultants?

We developed our own successful home health care agencies, a non-medical home care agency, hospice agency, transportation, GAFC and DME just to name a few. Our home health care agencies are CHAP Accredited and our Non-Medical Home Care Agency is Private Duty Accredited.

There is no substitute for experience! Choose a home health care consultant that has actually started and successfully operates home care agencies. There are other consultants who can get you started, but only one who will get you started the right way.

Choose carefully. Most home health care consultants do not have real world experience outside of their clinical staff, and this includes the home health care consultants you see advertised on Google. If they have never started and operated a successful home health agency, they do not understand what it takes. Our team at CHC has started and built our own successful agencies.

Let us help you start your home health care agency the right way.

We Are Not a Franchise

Compete With Franchise Companies, Without The Franchise Fees.

No Franchise = No Franchise Fees!

We Setup Your Business

  • Setup of Incorporation or LLC, Tax ID and NPI number for your home care business.
  • Budget Consultation
  • Office Location and Setup Advisement
  • Human Resources/HR Setup And Hiring Materials including but not limited to one on one training, video training, and customized high quality documents developing all aspects of your human resource department.

We Prepare Your Agency For Operation

Customized Operational Forms & Documents

Customized Operating Forms And Documents

Everything that is required to successfully operate a home health care business is provided. Including professionally bound Plan of Care Packets, In-Services and other forms and documents. Our materials are current and comprehensive.

Policies And Procedures In Hard Copy And Word Format

Policies & Procedures In Hard Copy And Word Format:
  • Complete State specific home care policies and procedures, customized by our home care consultants, then professionally designed, proof read and printed by one of the nations leading design firms.
  • **Note: Other home care consultants print their policies on a standard office printer and do not spend the extra time or money to have their home care policies professionally edited by a third party. We are the only home care consultants who will provide your home care policies and procedures to you in Word format so you can make changes to your home care policies when necessary.

18 Hours of Video Training

Our video training includes:

1. Overview of the Training Modules (9:19)
2. HR Orientation General Health and Education (37:22)
3. HR Managing the HR Files and Tracking Tools (27:56)
4. PI Overview of Performance Improvement Program (44:52)
5. PI Program and PAC (44:52)
6. PI PI Committee (24:12)
7. PI Clinical Record Review (24:17)
8. Clinical Record Review Tool Discussion (28:34)
9. PI Clinical Outcomes (31:56)
10.PI Customer Feedback (28:45)
11.PI Safety and Risk Management (53:20)
12.PI Ethics (8:20)
13.Overview of Policy Manuals (24:57)
14.Case Conferences and Staff Meetings (10:20)
15.Medical Record Management (9:10)
16.Corporate Policy Manual (59:12)
17.Finance Policy Manual (22:08)
18.Sales Manual (39:39)
19.Surveyors Manual (35:02)
20.Overview of CHAP Standards & (self study cheat sheet) (11:52)
21.Admission Visit (58:38)
22.Nursing Bag Technique (12:19)
23.Field Staff Training Nursing (56:55)
24.Field Staff Training HHA (20:59)
25.Field Staff Training Therapy (47:28)
26.Clinical Supervisor Training (59:01)
27.Administrator Training (56:57)
28.Board of Director Training (24:10)
29.CEO Training (18:35)
30.CFO and Budget Assumptions (57:15)
31.36 Month Budget Review (50:39), 32.Mock Survey (48:57)
Total Time: 18 hours, 58 minutes.

Medical Software Instruction And Tutorial

Medical Software Instruction And Tutorial

Our clinical department will train you on medical home health care software once your agency is ready to proceed with this part of the process.
IMPORTANT: Other home health care consultants recommend only those software companies that pay them the most money. With CHC, you choose the home health care software that's right for you.

We Get Your Agency Licensed

  • Complete State Home Care Business License Applications

    We take care of completing all state specific home care business license applications.

  • Pre-license Home Care Survey Preparation

    Phone reviews to prepare for and assure compliance in your state

  • Home Care Consultation During Live State Survey

    We'll make sure we are available for consultation during your state survey for questions, support and advice.

  • Completion Of Any Necessary Plans Of Correction

    After the state home care business license survey, a Plan of Correction may be required as a condition to receive your home care business licensure.

  • Post Licensure Review And Education

    A Plan of Correction is just the first step to successful licensure. We take the necessary time to help educate you on industry best practices.

  • **Note: Where other home care consultants take on too many clients to allow time for teaching and support, CHC does the work with you and then reviews and teaches you best practices. Our Goal: To assure your compliance beyond the startup process.


We Get Your Agency Accredited

CHAP Medicare Accreditation or ACHC Medicare Accreditation For Your Home Health Care Agency

We complete your Medicare Application, enroll your home health care agency with CHAP or ACHC, and complete your self study. We then train and guide you using your self study as a tool, and then conduct a mock accreditation audit with your staff live at your office. Our home health care consultants will cite you for deficiencies the same way the CHAP Accrediting Body or ACHC Accrediting Body would before conducting a 2nd mock audit to review your progress. We take you though the process of Medicare Accreditation with a hands on approach.

CHAP Private Duty Accreditation and ACHC Private Duty Accreditation for Agencies In A Moratorium or CON State

This is for Agencies who are in a moratorium or CON (Certificate of Need) State, or do not wish to bill Medicare. We enroll your home health care agency with CHAP or ACHC, and complete your self study. We then train and guide you using your self study as a tool prior to visiting your office to conduct a mock accreditation audit with your staff. Our home health care consultants will cite you for deficiencies the same way the CHAP Accrediting Body or ACHC Accrediting Body would before conducting a 2nd mock audit to review your progress.

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We Make Sure You Compete STRONG

Logo Creation

Your logo will be provided by one of the nations highest quality healthcare design firms. These logos are customized just for you by a healthcare design firm with a team of marketing experts and graphic designers. Unlike other home care consultants, we pay professionals to produce your marketing materials, not amateurs.

Brochure Design

You will receive 1000 professionally designed, high quality, glossy brochures, customized for your home care agency. These are professionally designed and printed trifold brochures.


Business Cards

You will receive 1000 professionally designed, high quality, glossy business cards, customized for your home care agency by one of the nations leading healthcare marketing firms. These are not vista print cards, they are high quality and customized for you.



Professionally Designed Website

Your professionally designed website will be designed, developed, optimized and launched to guarantee placement in all search engines within the world wide web (WWW) by an industry leading provider of healthcare website development. Your website will be desktop, mobile and tablet compatible including SEO meta tags, search engine submission, etc. and also includes professional email addresses @yourwebsite.com (example), high resolution health care images, social icons and linking, a Google map widget, daily malware scans and much more.


* For ease of use, pricing, and the most time efficient design process, we advise all clients to purchase their website domain and hosting account through GoDaddy.com

Sales and Marketing Home Care Business Training

Learn how to earn new patient referral sources and attract private pay, Medicaid and insurance patients**Caution: Other home care consultant companies offer outdated marketing training from presenters with little or no real world industry experience. Always ask about training credentials before you buy!

We Help You Get Paid

Medicaid Enrollment

We enroll our clients in state Medicaid programs in applicable states. This is a service in our program. Other home care consultants will "guide" or "assist" you in the process, we do it for you. *Exclusions Apply

VA Program Billing And Reimbursement Instructions.

These VA programs allow your home care business to assist veterans who qualify for Veterans Affairs assistance.

Lifetime Consulting

While you are taking part in our program and even long after, we are part of your team. We will be by your side to assist you for the lifetime of your agency, and will be happy to answer your questions at no additional cost for as long as your home health care agency is in business.

Call Us Today At (617) 477-9594 or email our home care consultants by completing the form below. We will teach you what is required to start a home care business in your state and help you take the first step in making your dream a reality.

Are you interested in starting a home health care business or another type of healthcare business?  We can help you with that too!

Call CHC Today for a No-Hassle, Cost Free Consultation.