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Caution: We strongly encourage you to ask thorough questions as you evaluate home care consulting companies. Unfortunately, there are some home care consulting companies that make claims that cannot be supported, just to make a sale. We would be happy to help you compare our services to any others you may find. Please take the time to discuss cost, quality, references, training, credentials and support BEFORE YOU BUY!

Questions To Ask A Home Care Startup Consultant?

Have You Developed & Operated Your Own Agencies?

Have You Developed And Operated Your Own Agencies?

Our team has been there. We know what it is like to go through the process of starting an agency from scratch, preparing for certification and accreditation, balancing expenses while we build our client base. We have started and currently own home health care, home care, hospice, transportation, DME and GAFC agencies. There is no substitute for first hand experience, and we have it!

What Makes Your Marketing Training Exceptional?

What Makes Your Marketing Training Exceptional?

Understanding your market and implementing an effective marketing plan is critical to building a successful business? CHC takes great pride in the fact that our Marketing Specialist has presented as a guest speaker at more than a few national home care association conferences in 2014 alone, and is renowned as one of the industry’s best.

How Many Hours Of Training Videos Are Provided?

How Many Hours Of Training Videos Are Provided?

In addition to individual training, video training offers the opportunity to learn at your own pace, and repeat as necessary. We provide nearly 19 hours of video training in over 30 different on-line videos to all of our home care and home health care clients. Our videos are current and have been produced by one of the most well known experts in the industry today.

Do You Complete The Medicaid Waivers Process?

Do You Complete The Medicaid Waivers Process?

Other consulting companies only offer guidance in completing the Medicaid Waivers process. We do it for you! It's one more way that CHC goes the extra mile to support you as you develop your agency.

Lifetime Consulting

While you are taking part in our program and even long after, We Are Part Of Your Team. We will be by your side to assist you For The Lifetime Of Your Agency, and will be happy to answer your questions at no additional cost for as long as your home health care agency is in business.

Call Us Today At (617) 477-9594 or email our home care consultants by completing the form below. We will teach you what is required to start a home care business in your state and help you take the first step in making your dream a reality.

Are you interested in starting a home health care business or another type of healthcare business?  We can help you with that too!

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