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Ongoing Trainings

Regularly scheduled training events for start-up and existing Home Health agencies. Individual agency trainings can be scheduled upon request, call or fill out the form below for more information.

Oasis Training – Get up to date real world orientation for everything related to OASIS in the Home Health Setting. Our Oasis training incorporates documentation by demonstrating how a complete and thorough initial Oasis leads to an individualized care plan that should be used by nurses in their documentation at every visit. To complete A CMS compliant Oasis we integrate skilled nursing notes and assessments into this Oasis training.

ICD-10 – practical training to understand the improvements made with the latest ICD-10 updates, and coding.

Medication Administration Program (MAP) training – Training and certification for qualified caregivers to be able to administer patient medications in a group home setting.

Behavioral Health Review – Learn what requirements are necessary to offer care to Behavioral Health clients, obtain tools that will help to make your practice safe and aligned with the current Home Health standards.

Infusion Therapy – Learn the requirements to offer Infusion therapy to your clients. Topics covered in training include

  • complications
  • documentation
  • physician orders
  • supplies needed
  • infection control

and everything you ever wanted to know about IV therapy!

Clinical Operations – Do you understand the chain of command in nursing, do you know how clinical operation affect your accreditation approval? If not, this is the training for you!

Hospice Overview – Are you interested in starting a Hospice agency, but are unsure of what Hospice is about? Contact us, we will get you on the right path to owning your own hospice agency!

QAPI/CQI In Home Health – Quality care and Quality outcomes will help your agency to be the best of the best. Come enter the world of performance improvement and quality assurance and learn what you need to know to ensure your success! In depth discussion on how Home Health Care is held to high standards -if you are unsure, or don’t understand the process, then this is for you!

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