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Newsletter – July 2018

Newsletter – July 2018

By In Newsletters On July 1, 2018

OASIS Changes

Oasis D

Beginning January 1, 2019. OASIS C-2 will be known at OASIS D. Some of the new procedural codes to keep an eye out for: M1703 Depression screening will be completed at SOC (Start of Care)/ROC (Resumption of Care)/DC (Discharge), M1210 Ability to Hear completed at SOC/ROC, M1200 Vision -SOC/ROC, New questions C0100- Cognition patterns – mini mental exam, C1300 signs and symptoms of delirium , E0200 Behavioral symptoms, GG0110- Prior device use, GG0130 – Self- care, GG0170 Mobility, renumbering of active diagnoses , J1800 any falls since SOC/ROC, J1900 number of falls since last SOC/ROC, K0520 swallowing/nutritional approaches.
Transfer Or Discharge Patients who are transferred to the hospital and are admitted need a transfer OASIS completed within 48 hours of finding out the patient was admitted. You must obtain confirmation that the receiving facility received the transfer OASIS. The transfer OASIS must include: transfer OASIS, Plan of Care, and Advanced directives. The patient remains the agency’s patient until either a ROC occurs or recertification period is up. If the patient doesn’t return to service by the end of the certification period, you may discharge by means of the transfer stating that the patient didn’t return to service prior to recertification date.

Reminder For Agencies Getting Ready For Re-Accreditation:

Know where to find reports for OASIS Timeliness, and error reporting.

Moratorium News

NY state issued a statement on 5/1/18, “As part of the New York State Fiscal Year 2018-2019 budget, a new law was enacted which places a two- year moratorium on the processing and approval of applications seeking the licensure of Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LHCSAs). This moratorium became effective on April 1, 2018 and will continue until March 31, 2020.

While there is a process similar to the CMS Provider Enrollment Moratoria Access Waiver Demonstration (PEWD) application that allows for exceptions to the moratorium in areas of the state that are currently underserved or adversely affected by the moratorium, as with all other moratoria previously imposed by Medicare or Medicaid, this represents a complete and immediate cessation of any new LHCSA licenses being issues, regardless of how far along the process of becoming licensed that a potential provider might have been. All license applications currently in process will need to be resubmitted as new applications on or after March 31st, 2020.

Moratoria issued by CMS Medicare/Medicaid since the passage of the Social Security Act [section 1866(j)(7)] allow for a 6-month period of closure to new providers for Medicare and Medicaid services in order to combat system abuses, waste and fraud. Every 6 months that moratorium must be revisited and determined necessary to remain in place, or lifted. To date, only one moratoria has ever been lifted. This was the moratorium imposed on Part B non-emergency ambulance suppliers in Texas, in response to the disaster that occurred in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in August of 2017. New York’s imposed moratorium is different than this model, in the fact that they provide a start and definitive end date, and that it lasts for a period of 2 years, not 6 months pending extensions.

MassHealth Moratorium

Mass health will be reviewing the conditions present and making a determination as to whether the moratorium in place for Home Health agencies should remain in place on August 11, 2018. Most recently, MassHealth was granted the authority to extend the moratorium an additional 6 months in February of 2018.

Non-Medical/Personal Care Changes EVV (Electronic Visit Verification is making it’s way to Non Medical service providers. In compliance with the 21 Century Cures Act, the federal government has mandated that all agencies providing Personal Care/Non-Medical care services also track specific information over the course of providing CMS/Medicaid funded services:

  • Dates of services
  • Location of service
  • Individual providing services
  • Types of services
  • Individual receiving the services
  • Start and end times for services provided

While these regulations specifically target compliance with receiving government insurance reimbursements, many MCO’s and private insurances as well have already implemented this requirement as it went into effect for home health care agencies in 2013. It is also likely that this requirement will become part of the Personal Care licensure process for 2019 in many states as a means of implementing universal adoption. Currently there are already 14 states that have issued this requirement to obtain licensure.

Welcome Our Newest Software Partners!

Certified Homecare Consulting (CHC) is proud to announce our new partnership with AxisCare to provide all of our Home Care start-up agencies with the highest quality all-in-one Home Care software solution on the market to assist them with every aspect of running their new agencies from admitting new clients, to billing and tracking the care provided, marketing support, state of the art mobile access for caregivers, and much more.

Learn More About AxisCare

As the EVV Mandate (Electronic Visit Verification) goes into effect as of January 1, 2019, any agencies processing client care reimbursements through Medicaid programs or Waivers, and some MCOs (Managed Care Organizations) risk losing funding if they do not have a Home Care software in place capable of providing and tracking Electronic Visit Verifications. Several of the 14 states already applying this standard have also implemented it as part of their licensing regulations as well. At Certified Homecare Consulting we pride ourselves at staying ahead of the curve and ensuring that all our start up agencies comply with the highest industry standards at all times. With this in mind, CHC has been providing EVV software to our Home Care start-up agencies since 2014, shortly after the measure was implemented for Home Health agencies in 2013. We are extremely proud and enthusiastic that AxisCare has chosen to partner with us in our efforts to ensure that our start-up agencies always hit the ground running, with the best support team and resources in their corner!

“This partnership is more than simply providing software to start-up home care agencies - it’s an opportunity for AxisCare and CHC to make an impact in the lives of the aging by providing more agencies the freedom and tools they need to care for their clients,” said AxisCare Owner and President, Todd Allen. “We are very excited to partner with Certified Homecare Consulting to provide a scheduling software to their network and give them the tools they need to effortlessly handle day-to-day operations and expand their client base.”

About AxisCare

AxisCare was created by agency owners who were looking for a user-friendly, web-based system with built-in marketing and CRM features. Since that time, the company has rapidly expanded across all 50 states and 6 countries offering an affordable, easy-to-use platform home care agencies use to manage and grow their client base. Recently given the industry’s top award for ease of use, overall performance and customer service, AxisCare’s mission is to transform home operations, empowering agencies to give better care. For more information about AxisCare, please visit axiscare.com or by email at sales@axiscare.com.

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