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Newsletter – January 2017

Newsletter – January 2017

By In Newsletters On January 18, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Oasis C1 changes to C2 January 1, 2017

What do these changes mean to your agency? Forget the old thought process of completing the OASIS C1 and begin thinking of these new changes as happening for the greater good, as these changes are taking place in order to bring home health agencies into a larger role in the overall Medicare landscape. By January 1, 2019 hospitals, rehabs, Long term care, and Home Health Agencies will be collecting the same information, allowing the patient to have more comprehensive treatment and hopefully help decrease the recurrence of hospitalizations. New changes include: expanded immunization questions, expanded skin assessment questions, active diagnoses of PVD, PAD, Diabetes.


Home Health Compare

Comparing your agency’s performance to that of others

Did you know that your agency is being compared to others in your area, and state?

This comparison system is called Home Health Compare and can be found at www.medicare.gov/homehealthcompare. Data is updated quarterly by gathering data

from your Oasis submissions. This only begins after you start billing with Medicare.

What are some of the measures they are looking at?

Quality of care and patient care surveys gathered from HHCAHPS (Home Health Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) is one source of information for the ratings. General information listed on the website includes services offered by the agency. Stars are allotted based on the information provided in OBQI reports, as well as HHCAHPS surveys completed, and any patient feedback received regarding a specific agency. The more stars the better the rating.

What do the quality of patient care star ratings measure?

The quality of patient care star rating is a summary measure of agency performance based on how well a home health agency performs on 9 of the individual quality measures reported on Home Health Compare. These 9 measures include:

Process of care measures – how often the agency:

  1. Initiated patient care in a timely manner
  2. Provided patient/caregiver drug education on all medications
  3. Ensured patients received flu vaccine for the current season

Outcome of care measures – how often the patient:

  1. Got better at walking or moving around
  2. Got better at getting in and out of bed
  3. Got better at bathing themselves
  4. Was able to engage in activity with less pain
  5. Experienced less shortness of breath
  6. Required acute care hospitalization

These measures were selected to give a general overview of agency performance on measures that apply to the most people.

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