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Video Training

Home Health Care Video Training


18 Hours of Video Training

Although we walk through the entire process with you hand and hand, as we do, we ask you to watch specific videos as we guide you through the process, then we work with you to assure you understand the process. We provide all of our medical clients with more than 18 hours of video training produced by the founders of our company. Attending a live clinical training one time will not do you any good. You will want to watch these videos more than once and so will your clinical staff.

Our video training includes:

1. Overview of the Training Modules (9:19)
2. HR Orientation General Health and Education (37:22)
3. HR Managing the HR Files and Tracking Tools (27:56)
4. PI Overview of Performance Improvement Program (44:52)
5. PI Program and PAC (44:52)
6. PI PI Committee (24:12)
7. PI Clinical Record Review (24:17)
8. Clinical Record Review Tool Discussion (28:34)
9. PI Clinical Outcomes (31:56)
10. PI Customer Feedback (28:45)
11. PI Safety and Risk Management (53:20)
12. PI Ethics (8:20)
13. Overview of Policy Manuals (24:57)
14. Case Conferences and Staff Meetings (10:20)
15. Medical Record Management (9:10)
16. Corporate Policy Manual (59:12)
17. Finance Policy Manual (22:08)
18. Sales Manual (39:39)
19. Surveyors Manual (35:02)
20. Overview of CHAP Standards & (self study cheat sheet) (11:52)
21. Admission Visit (58:38)
22. Nursing Bag Technique (12:19)
23. Field Staff Training Nursing (56:55)
24. Field Staff Training HHA (20:59)
25. Field Staff Training Therapy (47:28)
26. Clinical Supervisor Training (59:01)
27. Administrator Training (56:57)
28. Board of Director Training (24:10)
29. CEO Training (18:35)
30. CFO and Budget Assumptions (57:15)
31. 36 Month Budget Review (50:39)
32. Mock Survey (48:57)

Total Time: 18 hours, 58 minutes.

Orientation Video

Lifetime Consulting

While you are taking part in our program and even long after, "We Are On Your Team". By your side to assist you "For the Lifetime of Your Home Health Care Agency".

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